Residents of Douala accuse Guinness & other firms of chemical pollution of their neighbourhood.

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7 August 2012

Diesel response

Author: Diesel

Diesel requests all its suppliers to sign its Code of Conduct, which commits them legally to treat each employee with dignity and respect, and not to use corporal punishment, threats, verbal harassment, abuses or any other form of physical, sexual or psychological violence…The suppliers are obliged to sign the Code, and if found in default will see their business and partnership with Diesel interrupted immediately…The Supplier agrees not to employ persons younger than the legal minimum age required by the law in force in the Country where the manufacturing facilities are located, and anyway child labour, and in any case not to assign underage employees to dangerous works, unhealthy or incompatible with the compulsory education.

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Company response
23 August 2006

Response by Diageo: Residents of Douala accuse Guinness & other firms of chemical pollution of their neighbourhood.

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25 July 2006

Douala: Chemical pollution in Bassa neighbourhood [Cameroon]

Author: Denis Nkwebo, Le Quotidien Mutations [Cameroon]

[Original article in French. Title translation & following summary of article's key points provided by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.]
Green water has flowed from the Guinness factory at Ndogbong, in Bassa neighbourhood, down a cliff and into a residential area for several years, leading residents to fear health risks from the effluent. For several recent weeks, neighbourhood residents have found an additional, intermittent flow of oil waste. Following the black oil to its source, some local youths found effluent flowing from Socatur, a city transportation company. The green effluent comes from facilities operated by Guinness (part of Diageo) and Cicam (Cotonnière industrielle du Cameroun). A raid by the government’s environmental inspector in April 2001 led to a conviction against Cicam for its discharge of effluents and the failure of its effluent treatment system. It was fined 5 million CFA Francs. Guinness was hit with the same fine, for similar reasons. Still, Ndogbong’s environmental situation continues to deteriorate. A technical officer at Guinness stated that the company has installed a liquid effluent treatment unit. [Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Cicam to respond to this article, but Cicam declined to respond]

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