US Govt. lawsuit accuses Walgreen of denying promotions based on race

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12 July 2007

Walgreen agrees to pay $20 million to settle discrimination suit [USA]

Author: Associated Press

Walgreen Co. will pay $20 million to settle a federal lawsuit alleging widespread racial bias at America's largest drugstore chain under the terms of a proposed deal announced Thursday. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission... alleg[ed] that Walgreen...discriminated against thousands of black workers in hiring and assignment decisions. The settlement deal still needs a judge's approval, but both the government and Walgreen have agreed to it...Walgreen Chief Executive Jeffrey A. Rein [said]..."We are pleased to reach a resolution that is consistent with our past and future diversity and equal opportunity objectives,"

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8 March 2007

U.S. suit: Walgreens biased

Author: Barbara Rose & T. Shawn Taylor, Chicago Tribune

...[A] class-action lawsuit [was] filed Wednesday by the EEOC alleging widespread racial bias against thousands of African-American managers and pharmacists... Walgreens said in a statement that "fairness and equality always have been the cornerstones of our business. We're the nation's best-represented retailer in urban areas, and managers of all backgrounds are promoted to senior levels from those locations." The class action coincides with the launch of a new EEOC campaign to root out racial bias by focusing on emerging race and color issues in workplaces. The initiative, called E-RACE (Eradicating Racism and Colorism from Employment)...targets systemic patterns of bias, both obvious and subtle... [U]nder E-RACE, investigators are encouraged to analyze companies' employment data and engage in matched-pair studies to reveal preferences for certain candidates. [also refers to racial discrimination lawsuit against Target]

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7 March 2007

Walgreen Denies Promotions Based on Race, U.S. Says

Author: Cary O'Reilly, Bloomberg

Walgreen Co...was sued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission over claims the company assigned black managers and denied them promotions based on race... Walgreen spokesman Michael Polzin said, ``We're the nation's best represented retailer in urban areas, and managers of all backgrounds are promoted to senior levels from those locations.''... The U.S. agency said a group of current and former black Walgreen managers filed their own lawsuit making similar allegations in June 2005.

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