Community Action Platform

Power inequality and limited access to information often lead to decisions affecting the rights and livelihoods of communities without their input or participation. This platform aims to support communities and NGOs working with them in the field of business and human rights. It seeks to empower them with information by making existing tools and resources more easily accessible, sharing case studies from around the world to enable peer-learning, and connecting experts and practitioners working on similar issues or sectors. Explore tools to support community actions, browse case studies & search practitioners working in the field.

Case studies

Cases of community actions to address business impacts on their rights

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Who is who

Directory of practitioners supporting communities whose rights are affected by business

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Tools & resources

Tools, projects and resources to support communities & NGOs working with them on business & human rights.

Know Your Rights

Training materials on UN Guiding Principles; Free, Prior & Informed Consent

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How to: Record allegations

Tools to document business-related human rights abuses

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How to: Assess Impacts

Tool to identify human rights impacts, propose responses & engage govts. & companies to take action

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How to: Monitor impacts

Organise your community to monitor socio-economic, cultural & environmental impacts

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How to: Communicate your values & rights

Use biocultural community protocols to strengthen community engagement with companies & governments

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How to: Influence the company

Tools to engage with companies & governments including using technology & mapping corporate structures

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How to: Access courts & other remedies

Tools to obtain remedy for human rights abuses by companies

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How to: Approach World Bank & IFC-funded projects

Tools to better understand key leverage points of World Bank & IFC-funded projects

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How to: Take safety precautions

Tools to help protect human rights defenders’ physical & online safety

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How to: Drive change as workers

Model for social responsibility that places workers at the centre

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How to: Approach specific sectors

Tools for projects in agriculture, mining, oil & gas, hydropower sectors

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How to: Approach specific regions

Tools related to specific regional mechanisms in Africa

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