Consultants to to develop a set of Draft Principles on Access to Remedy for Vulnerable Migrant Workers

Ethical Trading Initiative


  • Location: Flexible
  • Salary: Fees to be agreed
  • Contract Type: Consultant
  • Closing Date: 18/01/2019

ETI is looking for consultants to develop a set of Draft Principles on Access to Remedy for Vulnerable Migrant Workers.

In addition, the consultant/s will propose a set of practical recommendations for collaborative remediation mechanisms relevant for companies that have shared responsibilities and limited leverage with the same suppliers. Unlike some other joint remediation initiatives, the mechanism should be designed with the interests of vulnerable migrant workers themselves, Migrant workers and their chosen, independent representatives should be involved in the design, monitoring, and review of the effectiveness of the mechanism.

The Draft Principles will draw on and be informed by an evaluation of the existing evidence of what has worked (and why), what has worked less well or has not worked. It should include specific contexts and timeframes, and assessments by workers, academics or independent evaluations where there may have been (unintended or otherwise) negative consequences for workers, negative implications for businesses, international bodies, or governments of sending host or third countries.

The Draft Principles should:

  • Prioritise and be based on the needs and voices of migrant workers themselves
  • Be feasible for businesses to implement
  • Be able to get buy-in from a range of stakeholders – including retailers, suppliers, industry associations, worker organisations and governments (if appropriate)
  • Contribute to reducing the risks of forced labour and modern slavery among migrant workers in businesses’ supply chains
  • Propose practical approaches to the implementation of the principles in practice

The ETI Migrant Labour Working Group will in the first instance review, comment and suggest revisions to these Principles and mechanisms before they are shared more widely.

Scope of work

The Scope of Work includes:

  1. A review of existing initiatives on access to remedy for vulnerable migrant workers. This will include a literature review (academic research, grey literature and company documents, e.g. websites) as well as interviews with key businesses, trade unions & NGOs. It will cover major case studies such as the Baldia Fire Factory and Kik case and the Australian 7-Eleven wage repayment case, as well as other initiatives such as Issara.
  2. A Draft set of Principles on Access to Remedy for Vulnerable Migrant Workers document. This will set out key overarching principles to ensure remedy for those workers.
  3. Proposals for collaborative mechanisms and models for the practical implementation of the Principles. This should include the role of different stakeholders (companies, suppliers, trade unions, migrant worker organisations, intermediaries, governments, multi-stakeholder initiatives). It should set out responsibilities, roles and processes for each option, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. This should be based on the review of existing practice.

NOTE: while not in scope, this work will result in a set of consultations and engagement with companies, workers’ organisations, NGOs, international organisations and other stakeholders. It is intended that the Draft Principles will be developed into a final document which, over time, could be endorsed by a wider group of stakeholders.

Duration and timing of contract

The contract should commence on 11th February 2019. Research should be carried out and completed by 29th March 2019. Drafts and final reports should be presented to the ETI Working Group (virtually or in person, as appropriate).

To be agreed – please submit a budget with your application including daily fee rate for senior and junior researchers, and number of days estimated for each type of researcher. Organisational overheads and tax should be included in the total budget.

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