Disclosure/use of payments to governments - an introduction

Below are select introductory materials on business and disclosure/use of payments to governments.  Further reports from a wide range of sources are in the "Disclosure/use of payments to govts." section of our site.

Key reports & guidance

Extactive Industry Transparency Initiative (EITI) Business Guide

To Have And Have Not: Resource Governance in the 21st Century [PDF], Patrick Alley, Celio Bermann, Luke Danielson, Heidi Feldt, Sudha Mahalingam, Alejandro Nadal, Chandran Nair, Samuel Nguiffo, Silas Siakor, for Heinrich Boell Foundation [Germany], 30 May 2007

Promoting Revenue Transparency: 2008 Report on Revenue Transparency of Oil and Gas Companies [PDF], Transparency International 2008 

EITI: The Case for Company-by-Company Reporting, Revenue Watch, July 27, 2009

World Investment Report - Transnational Corporations, Extractive Industries and Development [PDF], UN Conference on Trade & Development (UNCTAD), Aug 2007

Total Impact: The Human Rights, Environmental, and Financial Impacts of Total and Chevron's Yadana Gas Project in Military-Ruled Burma (Myanmar), EarthRights International, Sep 2009 

Well Oiled - Oil and Human Rights in Equatorial Guinea, Human Rights Watch, 9 Jul 2009

Concerns, company responses & non-responses

The Resource Centre invites companies to respond to allegations of misconduct.  Below are examples of allegations and company responses regarding disclosure/use of payments to governments.  We also indicate when a company has not responded.

Angola: Global Witness report & Financial Times article raise concerns that loan to Angola's state oil company Sonangol will perpetuate corruption & poverty, Oct 2005.  Response from Barclays, Calyon, Deutsche Bank, KBC, Natexis Banques Populaires, Royal Bank of Scotland. No response received from Banco Espirito Santo, Commerzbank, Standard Chartered.

Chad: Publish What You Pay coalition & Columbia Law School Human Rights Clinic call on ExxonMobil to refuse Chad’s request to pay oil revenues directly to government instead of into escrow account for poverty reduction, Mar 2006.  No response from ExxonMobil.

West Papua/Indonesia: NY Times front-page report raises concerns about payments to Indonesian military, environmental impacts of Grasberg mine, Jan 2006.  Response from Freeport-McMoRan.

Zambia: Christian Aid & other organizations call on multinationals in Zambia to give the country "a better deal" in copper mining contracts, Nov 2007. Response from Vedanta Resources, Zambia Copper.


Zimbabwe: Opponents of President Mugabe say loans to govt. are “insult” to victims of human rights abuses, Jan 2007. Response from Barclays.

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Related stories and components

3 December 2014

Trafigura joins Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)

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20 November 2014

Nigeria: Trafigura to disclose payments to EITI

Author: Chineme Okafor, This Day (Nigeria)

'Top oil trader Trafigura to disclose payments to NNPC', 20 Nov 2014: Trafigura Beheer...has announced its commitment to opening up on its payment to Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)-compliant and candidate countries like Nigeria,...

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9 September 2009

[video] Congo: Oil gotten gains

Author: Al Jazeera People & Power

Congo Brazzaville is one of the poorest countries in the world, despite the fact that it produces nearly 300,000 barrels of oil a day. Many of Congo Brazzaville's four million people are enraged that wealth from the country's precious natural resources...

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1 September 2009

[PDF] Total Impact: The Human Rights, Environmental, and Financial Impacts of Total and Chevron's Yadana Gas Project in Military-Ruled Burma (Myanmar)

Author: EarthRights International

...[New] evidence collected through 2009 attests to the on-going violent abuses committed by the Burma Army providing security for the companies [Chevron and Total] and the [Yadana] project... [This] report further documents the Burma Army's role in...

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29 April 2009

Rio Tinto takes step towards transparency by publishing payments to governments

Author: Publish What You Pay International

Rio Tinto…has taken an important step towards transparency by voluntarily disclosing, for the first time, the total tax and royalty payments that it makes to 13 of the countries where it operates…“We welcome this progressive step…” said Radhika Sarin,...

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12 November 2007

Burma: Gem Trade Bolsters Military Regime, Fuels Atrocities

Author: Human Rights Watch

China, Thailand, the United States, and other countries should completely block the purchase of gems from Burma that help finance military abuses there... The state-run Myanmar Gems Enterprise said it generated sales of nearly US$300 million in fiscal...

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28 October 2007

Don't 'Undermine' Development in Zambia

Author: Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund

Major Scottish investors are backing a Vedanta Resources-owned copper mining company which is selling Zambia short whilst generating huge profits from the country’s finite natural resource, according to evidence in a report published today. It calls on...

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28 January 2007

Barclays' millions help to prop up Mugabe regime

Author: Antony Barnett & Christopher Thompson, Observer [UK]

Barclays bank is helping to bankroll President Robert Mugabe's regime in Zimbabwe, providing millions of pounds of support for his vilified land reforms, The Observer can reveal. Mugabe's opponents describe the bank's activities as a 'disgrace' and an ...

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3 February 2006

Chad and World Bank: PWYP urges all stakeholders to resume talks to end current stalemate over oil revenue management law dispute

Author: Publish What You Pay (PWYP) coalition

ExxonMobil and other oil companies operating in Chad should...play their part in salvaging the revenue management system in Chad. With the freezing of the escrow account into which ExxonMobil has been paying revenues, the Chadian government demanded...

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1 February 2006

[DOC] Table indicating which banks have responded to concerns raised about loan to Sonangol (Angola’s state oil company) - with links to responses

Author: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited each of the banks...to respond to concerns raised...about a new loan to Sonangol...The Global Witness article says these banks participated in a similar 2004 loan “and the same banks appear likely to...

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