How to: Approach specific sectors


Corporate structure mapping in agriculture
Inclusive Development International; International Institute for Environment and Development
This guide is for advocates working to support communities whose land rights, lives and livelihoods are affected by agricultural investments. It provides guidance on how to follow the money to identify and leverage pressure points along agricultural investment chains to defend land and natural resource rights. It explains how to collect evidence and conduct a variety of advocacy strategies to hold responsible actors accountable.

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Library of community toolkits on the mining sector
Communities First

Online library with guidance on creating community development agreements or "protocols", securing benefits and compensation, understanding and monitoring implementation of extractive industry contracts, and community-led monitoring of environmental and human rights impacts.
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For case studies on mining see here

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Videos on community actions on mining
New Media Advocacy Project

Case studies from DRC, Ghana, Nigeria, Peru, Zimbabwe on (1) baseline data & environmental monitoring (2) community mapping & resistance

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Oil & gas


A Community-Based Guide for Monitoring Impacts of Oil and Gas Activities on the Environment
Greenwatch Uganda

This guide is intended for local communities and community-based organizations that are working to monitor the effects of oil and gas development activities on the environment.

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Dams, Rivers and Rights: An Action Guide for Communities Affected by Dams
International Rivers

This guide provides general information about dams and their impacts, shares lessons and ideas from the growing international anti-dam movement, and gives concrete ideas on how to challenge dams. The guide now exists in 19 languages, including English, Spanish, Thai, Urdu, French, Khmer, Chinese, Arabic, and Hindi.

African Dams, River and Rights: A guide on resettlement for communities affected by the Inga 3 dam
International Rivers


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