Monitoring Manager at ICoCA


The International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Provider’s Association (ICoCA), founded in September 2013, is a multi-stakeholder initiative created to promote, govern and oversee the implementation of a Code of Conduct for private security companies that operate in challenging environments. The objective of the Code is to promote increased respect for human rights and humanitarian law and to raise standards of operational conduct throughout the private security industry. The ICoCA’s members include states, members of the private security industry, and civil society organisations. Together, these three ‘pillars’ form the Association’s General Assembly, with each pillar represented equally on the ICoCA’s Board of Directors. The ICoCA Secretariat, based in Geneva, Switzerland, carries out the Association’s principal implementation and oversight functions on behalf of the Board, including certification of member companies, monitoring of their implementation of the Code, and the operation of a complaints mechanism.

The ICoCA seeks a Monitoring Manager to oversee and promote its operations to monitor member private security companies’ implementation of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers (“the Code”). The Monitoring Manager will be responsible for key tasks and milestones associated with the establishment, operation and promotion of the Association’s monitoring activities. The Monitoring Program Manager will oversee a staff of Secretariat employees focused on carrying out monitoring activities, including, when necessary, conducting reviews in the field of member company efforts to implement the Code.

Responsibilities: Primary responsibilities of the Monitoring Manager include:

 Managing the design, development and implementation of the monitoring function, through:

o Developing and strengthening a network of civil society and other participants who can contribute to a global monitoring network;

o Implementing, overseeing, and working with member PSCs to strengthen a system of member company reporting to the ICoCA;

o Training and managing Secretariat employees engaged in the analysis of information obtained through monitoring in order to assess PSC performance in implementing the Code.

 Identifying, analyzing, and referring compliance concerns to the Executive Director, utilizing performance and compliance indicators based on the Code;

 Overseeing the coordination and execution of field-based review of member company Code compliance efforts as well as assessments of human rights and humanitarian impacts;

 Drafting written assessments of member companies’ efforts to implement the Code.

 Engaging with governments, clients, and other stakeholders to explain the operation and impact of, and encourage support for ICoCA monitoring.

 Undertaking other tasks as directed by the Executive Director.

Qualifications and Skills

The Monitoring Manager position is designed for candidates with significant relevant experience. The ideal candidate will have:

 Demonstrated commitment to the goals of the ICoCA;

 Demonstrated understanding of, and experience with, multi-stakeholder organization governance, in particular the ICoCA’s Articles of Association and the role of monitoring in the Association’s oversight mandate;

 Prior experience with a respected international organization or NGO (e.g., ICRC, UN, Amnesty International) monitoring human rights and/or international humanitarian law in the field in complex environments;

 Experience interacting with national governments’ legislative and procurement functions regarding human rights and/or humanitarian law initiatives;

 Significant knowledge of the private security industry, either as an employee of a PSC or though related work experience in a government regulatory position, international organization, or NGO;

 Three or more years of directly relevant experience in the human rights and international humanitarian affairs or other corporate accountability sectors;

 Experience working with civil society organizations in understanding and reporting human rights impacts;

 Demonstrated ability to understand and address the needs of a diverse, global group of stakeholders;

 Demonstrated leadership, management, and organizational skills;

 An entrepreneurial and collaborative working style;

 Superior verbal and written skills;

 An advanced degree in law, preferably with a specialization in international human rights and humanitarian law, public policy, business or other relevant field;

 Fluency in English (proficiency in at least one other language preferred, but not required).

Location: Principal location is at the ICoCA’s headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. Occasional overseas travel, including to complex environments, will be required (up to 35% of engaged time).

Compensation: Compensation will be commensurate with experience, and is competitive with public interest and not-for-profit pay scales.

Individuals interested in this opportunity should send a CV and motivation letter to: [email protected].

Location: Geneva

Closing date: 23 May 2016

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