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Call for feedback: OHCHR Accountability and Remedy Project draft recommendations (by 1 Apr 2016)

OHCHR is pleased to invite all stakeholders to provide inputs and comments to its draft guidance to States from the Accountability and Remedy Project. The “Consultation Draft” presents draft guidance from the six components of the Accountability and Remedy Project in the form of “elements of good State practice”. Separately and together, this guidance aims to address challenges and issues that may currently prevent accountability and access to remedy in cases of business involvement in human rights abuses, particularly in cases of severe abuses.

Stakeholders are particularly invited to respond to the following consultation questions:

i) Do you agree with the elements of good State practice set out in this consultation draft? If not, please explain.

ii) Would you like to suggest any further elements of good State practice?

iii) Would you like to suggest any illustrative examples to include in the OHCHR’s final report under any of the elements of good State practice? 

Stakeholders are invited to provide comments and observations on the recommendations made in the Consultation Draft by 1 April 2016. Comments can be sent via email to [email protected] or via fax to fax to +41 22 917 90 08. For questions, contact OHCHR via [email protected].

For further background and context, the Consultation Draft is accompanied by a “Background Paper” which explains in detail the background, scope and methodology of the Accountability and Remedy Project, and sets out high-level findings from OHCHR’s research processes.

 Consultation Draft                                            Background Paper

Following stakeholder feedback, an updated version of the guidance will be incorporated into OHCHR’s report to the Human Rights Council, for its consideration at its 32nd session in June 2016, in accordance with HRC resolution 26/22.


Multistakeholder consultation in Geneva (19-20 Nov 2015)

OHCHR held consultations on the OHCHR Accountability and Remedy Project in Geneva on 19-20 November 2015, to follow immediately after the 2015 UN Forum on Business and Human Rights (16-18 November).

The aim of this consultation was to discuss emerging findings from OHCHR’s research in relation to the Accountability and Remedy Project, and to gather stakeholder inputs and perspectives. 

In advance of the consultation, OHCHR has released a paper with draft findings and recommendations to States, for discussion during the consultation. This document provides draft recommendations and guidance in relation to four out of the six components of the Accountability and Remedy Project, focusing on tests for corporate legal liability in domestic law, overcoming financial obstacles to legal claims, criminal law sanctions, and civil law remedies. Feedback gathered during the 19-20 November consultation will be used to revise and improve the draft recommendations and guidance.

Agenda                                                                                Discussion paper


Online consultation (closed)

OHCHR's global online consultation (the "Open Process") to gather input and recommendations from stakeholders for its Accountability and Remedy Project closed on 1 August.  More than 130 responses were received from around 60 different jurisdictions. OHCHR thanks all stakeholders who provided input.  You can see the questions here:

Online questionnaire:

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PDF format:

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Further information from OHCHR: "If you are a legal commentator or an academic and have particular knowledge of criminal law and policy or private law enforcement regimes in different domestic law systems, and are interested in joining our team of academic reviewers, then please contact us.  We would be very interested to hear from you."