Program Officer



  • Location: Baltimore, Maryland USA
  • Contract Type: Full-time
  • Closing Date: 11/02/2019

The Program Officer will work closely with the SAGE Fund Director and Program Associate (both based in Baltimore, Maryland USA) to develop and manage SAGE’s grantmaking program, including identifying and vetting potential grantees and global economy approaches poised for greater development. Under the guidance of the Director, the Program Officer will analyze opportunities that emerge from the field and participate in developing new thematic areas of focus for the grantmaking program. The work of the Program Officer will consist of building and maintaining close relationships with grantee organizations, conducting ongoing outreach to identify new groups and ideas in the human rights field, soliciting and reviewing proposals, conducting due diligence of potential grantees and recommending and evaluating grants. Additional responsibilities include development and implementation of funding strategies and grantmaking best practices, among other activities.

For more information about the position and how to apply please follow Link to Job.