2019 Colombia Symposium on Coordinated Stabilization and Peacebuilding

Symposium | 29 June - 20 July | Bogota

In partnership with the Colombian Army and a high-level Consortium of local and international NGOs, governmental institutions, academia and multilateral institutions, the 2019 Colombia Symposium on Coordinated Stabilization and Peacebuilding will bring together carefully selected international participants and an unparalleled team of international and local experts. The Symposium will provide 16 days of advanced training on security, governance, rule of law, economics and social well-being in stabilization environments. Participants will be able to identify best practices currently emerging in Colombia and compare them to current practice in South Sudan, Syria, and others. Guided by national and international leaders in thought and practice, participants will engage in a mix of lectures, discussion groups, site visits, and experiential exercises to apply knowledge and skills to simulated real-life scenarios.

You will receive a Certificate in “Coordinated Stabilization & Peacebuilding” upon completion of the course. You may choose to undertake additional rigorous assignments in order to earn a Certificate in “Coordinated Stabilization & Peacebuilding with Distinction.”

All academic content, materials, in-country transportation, special events, and lunch/coffee for the three-week training are included in the fee.

For more information about the symposium and how to apply please follow the link below.