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17 October 2006

Disney cleans its plate of junk food [USA]

Author: Deutsche Presse-Agentur

Disney…[will] license its characters' names only to foods that follow government guidelines for healthful diets…Disney [will] refuse to tie its brand to oversize portions, foods…[with high] per cent of…fat,…saturated fat or…added sugar. In its parks,...

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21 September 2006

Credit Card Companies Pledge Help in Fighting Child Pornography [USA]

Author: John Files, New York Times

Executives from credit card companies, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express, told a Congressional panel Thursday that they were determined to eliminate the use of their services in the Internet child pornography business. But they also...

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27 June 2006

Internet Firms to Step Up Child-Porn Fight [USA]

Author: Los Angeles Times

Five leading Internet service providers will jointly build a database of child-pornography images and develop other tools to help network operators and law enforcement better prevent distribution of the images. The companies are set to pledge a total...

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30 December 2005

Tourism fueling child sex in Mexico

Author: Ioan Grillo, Houston Chronicle

Despite a concerted effort to crack down on pedophiles in both Mexico and the United States, child prostitution continues unabated in Mexican tourist resorts such as Acapulco and Cancun...Investigators estimate the number of Mexican children who are...

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7 October 2005

Arabian Sex Tourism

Author: Daniel Pipes,

Misusing the sanctioned provision which allows a Muslim man to have four wives at a time, many old Arabs are not just marrying minors in Hyderabad, but marrying more than one minor in a single sitting. "The Arabs prefer teenage, virgin brides.”…The...

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1 June 2005

[PDF] Greater expectations. Summary final report: EOC’s investigation into pregnancy discrimination [UK]

Author: Equal Opportunities Commission [UK]

The EOC has undertaken a two-year investigation into pregnancy related discrimination at work. What we found was far worse than even we expected...A million pregnant women are likely to experience discrimination at work over the next 5 years, if...

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18 May 2005

Telenor and Swedish National Criminal Investigation Department to introduce Internet child porn filter

Author: Telenor Group

Telenor and the Swedish National Criminal Investigation Department introduced a child pornography filter for the Internet. The filter will block access to Internet sites containing material that involves sexual abuse of children. The filter is...

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13 May 2005

Yahoo! sued over Group used for child porn [USA]

Author: OUT-LAW News

Yahoo! has been sued by an unnamed minor and his parents after his picture was circulated on a Yahoo! Group that was used by a child porn ring…The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court for the Eastern District of Texas…it also targets an...

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28 August 1998

Deaths of 16 babies in health trial ‘inevitable’ [UK]

Author: Vanessa Thorpe, Independent [UK]

Sixteen brain-damaged babies who died after they were given Epsom salts in an international medical trial [in Leeds] would probably not have survived anyway…But a serious error that led to some babies receiving a double dose of magnesium sulphate has...

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UNICEF publishes reports on children's rights impacts in the extractive industry

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