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"Business & Human Rights: Corporate Recognition and Responsibility" [PDF], Christine Bader, in China Rights Forum, 24 Mar 2008

"Corporate responsibility to respect human rights" [PDF], summary report on consultation in Geneva, 4-5 Dec 2007


Addenda to Special Representative's 2007 report to UN Human Rights Council:


"Human Rights Policies & Management Practices of Fortune Global 500 Firms: Results of a Survey" [PDF], Briefing paper by UN Special Representative, 1 Sep 2006


"Business Recognition of Human Rights: Global Patterns, Regional & Sectoral Variations" [PDF], Briefing paper by Michael Wright & Amy Lehr, research fellows, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, under direction of UN Special Representative John Ruggie, 12 Dec 2006


"Security of People and Assets" [PDF], Discussion paper prepared for UN Special Representative, Jul 2006