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Updating the Resource Centre Digital Platform

The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre is at a critical point in its development. Our digital platform is home to a wealth of information on business and human rights, but hasn’t had a visual refresh for a number of years.

We will soon be updating the site to improve its usability and better serve the thousands of people that use our site to support their work.

Please take an advance peek at our new look, and let us know what you think!

Thank you,
Alex Guy, Digital Officer

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  • Zain: Actions on workplace diversity / non-discrimination

    Zain’s HR Policy clearly forbids discrimination based on race, nationality, marital status, age, religion, gender, political belief, physical handicap or disability.

  • Zain: Actions on forced labour & trafficking

    Zain’s Supplier Code of Conduct forbids forced labor in its supply chain.

  • Zain: Actions on sexual harassment

    Zain’s HR Policy forbids all forms of verbal and physical harassment between employees.

  • Zain: Actions on freedom of expression & privacy

    Zain complies with the GSMA Mobile Privacy Principles; ensuring best practices are followed on matters related to the privacy and confidentiality of customer data. Zain takes the protection of customer data extremely seriously and takes all prudent...

  • Zain: Actions on conflict zones

    Zain maintains business activities in several conflict zones including Iraq and South Sudan. In addition, Zain’s directs CSR outreach activities towards promoting reconciliation and peace-building, as is the case with the Youth Peacemaker Network, an...

  • Zain: Actions on tax avoidance & revenue disclosure

    Zain maintains transparency by complying with local governance bodies such as the Capital Markets Authority. Zain also maintains transparency through the disclosure and publication of financial reports in regular intervals that are readily available...

  • Zain: Actions on product misuse

    One key example is the Drive Zain campaign, an ongoing activity undertaken to raise awareness among the general public about the responsible use of mobile phones.

  • Zain: Actions on women

    Several of Zain’s CSR outreach activities specifically target socio-economic development and inclusivity for women. These include: sponsorship of the Widows Development Center in Iraq which in 2014 trained 1,500 women, and the support by Zain KSA of...

  • Zain: Actions on children

    Zain supports youth development initiatives across its footprint through its CSR outreach activities. These include skill development and capacity-building for children through activities such as: the Future University Network (FUN) program whereby...

  • Zain: Actions on migrant workers

    Zain targets the plight of migrant workers by developing service packages specifically catering to their needs, such as preferred rates to contact their home countries.

  • Zain: Other actions

    Connectivity: Connectivity is viewed as a human right by Zain due to its potential to empower individuals and facilitate their socio-economic development. Zain undertakes many initiatives that enable connectivity for those that are unconnected. In...

  • Zain: Reporting and communication

    Internally, Zain shares its HR Policy with its employees. Externally, Zain reports on various human rights issues in its annually published Sustainability Report, which available online to the general public. The Sustainability Report follows the GRI...

  • Zain: Grievance procedures and access to remedy

    Grievances are addressed internally through a formal mechanism outlined in the HR Policy. Externally, grievances can be addressed to the Complaints Department, available in each of Zain’s operating countries. Major grievances about breaches of legal...

  • Zain: External and collaborative human rights initiatives

    Zain participates in the GSMA Alliance and the GSMA Mobile Privacy Principles. Zain also collaborates with partners within its industry and in other sectors in order to promote human rights issues, as is the case with the following: Collaboration with...

  • Zain: Progress since June 2011, when the UN Guiding Principles were endorsed

    Since 2011, Zain has codified its position on human rights through its Code of Conduct, HR Policy and Supplier Code of Conduct. Zain has also developed its governance model to emphasize transparency through its reporting mechanisms, which it undertakes...

  • Zain: Challenges, and additional guidance that would be helpful

    One key challenge that exists is due to the lack of prioritization and awareness of human rights within the region amongst a majority of stakeholders. Another major challenge is the regional geopolitical situation of conflict and instability that gives...

  • adidas

    Stock Exchange Symbol: (ADS:GR) Update 2016: Disclosure to KnowTheChain Disclosure to Corporate Human Rights Benchmark (Note - also available: adidas' response for Myanmar Foreign Investment Tracking Project)

  • adidas: Policy commitment

    Yes, Our human rights policy is integral part of our Labour Rights Charter. ([link]) The human rights section of our webpage describes our general approach and relevant policies and guidelines, (see: [link]). Our responsible business practices FAQ...

  • adidas: Governance

    Human rights expertise resides in the Social & Environmental Affairs (SEA) department which is responsible for social and environmental concerns related to global supply chains, for consumer safety and for stakeholder outreach, as well as some...

  • adidas: Management

    Human rights are a relevant consideration in our materiality assessments and internal risk management processes. It fits within our broader sustainability agenda which requires the Group to be “Effectively managing business risks and human rights...