Conference: How business can tackle modern slavery and forced labour

25-26 April 2017 | London

Innovation forum is hosting the third in its global series of events on tackling modern slavery and forced labour this coming April 25th and 26th. This multi-stakeholder event aims to provide a space for focused and nuanced discussion on how individual businesses can tackle modern slavery in their supply chains and operations. It will provide business delegates with the guidance to proactively mitigate risk and effectively respond to discovered cases of slavery.

There will be focused debates and practical working sessions on:

  • The legal and reputational implications of ignoring slavery and forced labour in corporate supply chains and operations
  • How much information should companies be releasing and to what extent does full disclosure raise legal liabilities for companies?
  • What are the best due diligence practices and what innovative technologies are available for business to identify cases of forced labour in the supply chain and operations?
  • What is the best way to track and measure progress?
  • Risk mitigation through understanding patterns in migration of workers
  • What does responsible recruitment looks like? What policies and practices do companies need to implement to stop exploitation through recruitment?
  • Clear guidelines around how to implement meaningful practices in reporting, due diligence and grievance mechanisms
  • A detailed look at sectoral issues within agriculture, hospitality, construction, banking, ICT and electronics
  • Collaboration: how to build meaningful and effective relationships with different stakeholders

The 2017 conference will have 150-170 delegates representing corporates, NGOs, suppliers, traders, development agencies, investors, government bodies and other relevant organisations. 

Please see further information on the agenda and register for the conference here.