Confronting the Privatization of War and Security

Conference | 22 November | Barcelona

Challenges, Impacts and Strategies to Ensure Human Security Considering the Increasing Role of Private Military & Security Companies in Armed Conflicts, Occupation and Homeland Security Contexts

About the conference

The International Conference Confronting the Privatization of War and Security, held in Barcelona on November 22nd-23rd 2018, aims to raise awareness to the increased participation of Private Military and Security Companies (PMSCs) in conflict and homeland security settings. Currently, citizens around the globe are facing an increasingly complex international scenario where business interests and politicking are convoluting modern warfare, enabling the entry of privately held corporations with increased firepower and highly specialized training into conflict. Based on the proliferation and fragmentation of non-state armed actors, these corporations involved in war and conflict settings have capitalized on (in)security as a new way of business. Considering its potential externalities, it is urgent to promote joint research, to raise public awareness and to advance effective advocacy work on the implications that the privatization of war and security can have on the democratic control of security policies and overall respect
and protection of human rights worldwide.

Goals of the conference:

  1. To analyze, identify and discuss challenges, limitations, influence, and impact of growing role of PMSCs in armed conflicts, occupation and homeland security contexts, while identifying key alternatives and strategies to ensure human security, justice and prevention of corporate-related human rights abuses;
  2. To build new narrative on public security based on the exercise of fundamental rights and freedoms through the collaboration of scholars and academia, civil society organizations, human rights defenders and people affected by violence in conflict zones;
  3. To develop and create an international and multidisciplinary hub to limit the privatization of war and security with the aim of advancing research agendas, raise awareness, integration of advocacy work through the participation of civil society organizations, working groups, platforms, specialized researchers and human rights defenders and their consolidated networks

Intended Audience

We address these sessions to international civil society organizations and their respective networks, working groups and task forces focused on business and human rights; national and international members of academia; think tanks and practitioners dealing on issues in security, peace and conflict; as well as students and the general public interested in the process of privatization of war and security, armed conflicts, occupation and homeland security contexts.

For more information about the event, agenda, and how to register please follow the link provided below.