Director, Early Engagement in Extractives (EEE) at One Earth Future

Project Summary
The Early Engagement in Extractives (EEE) Program aims to reduce violence by enhancing the capacity of communities to participate meaningfully and at opportune (early) moments in decision making regarding industrial natural resource extraction activity. The Program will provide resources to community-driven initiatives at a range of pilot sites, in the form of access to networks, information, participatory tools, and funding. Additionally, EEE aims to support community engagement by facilitating community-to-community exchanges, and by engaging systemically powerful actors such as corporate executives, investors, and international financial institutions. The EEE is supported by the One Earth Future Foundation, which has committed long-term funding to the Program.

Primary Role
The Program Director, a newly created position, will report to the Founder and Board of Directors of the One Earth Future Foundation and work collaboratively with the EEE Advisory Board in leading the establishment of the EEE Program. The Director, in collaboration with the Board of Directors and Advisory Board, will be responsible for leading the design, development, implementation, and management of the EEE Program. Specifically, s/he will lead the development of the EEE Program – often in coordination with relevant OEF and EEE experts and advisers – by identifying, and building relationships with pilot site communities and by establishing and implementing operational, marketing, human resource, and organizational strategies.

About One Earth Future
OEF is a private, self-funded operating foundation based just outside Boulder, Colorado. OEF develops and then supports programs aimed at improving social systems in the interest of peace. We believe that sustainable social change requires a long-term vision and care most about that kind of change that our programs help create over decades, not years. This long-term approach requires our programs to iterate effectively over time, brokering solutions among local stakeholders including the private sector. OEF’s research and operations units provide centralized support services to the programs. Our research team acts as an in-house think tank focusing on the relationship between global governance and armed conflict, provides M&E services to OEF’s programs, and serves as a hub of institutional learning. OEF Operations provides communications, administrative, and event-related support to our programs, so program staff can maximize the time spent on their mission.

Job title: Director, Early Engagement in Extractives (EEE)

Location: Broomfield, Colorado

Contract: Full-time; permanent

Closing date: 30 November 2015