Expert Seminar: Business & Human Rights

08:30–11:30 | 31 May | Ontario


David Hamer,  McCarthy Tétrault (Co-Chair)

Audrey Macklin, University of Toronto (Co-Chair)

Monica Ospina, O Trade (Panelist)

Jason MacLean, Lakehead University (Panelist)


Ryerson University Institute for the Study of Corporate Social Responsibility


The Business & Human Rights Expert Seminar will discuss the Social License to Operate (“SLO”). As more and more Canadian corporations run into issues of informed consent when operating both nationally and abroad, it is important to take an in depth look at the SLO.

The seminar will involve some brief opening presentations, but will largely be a more open discussion of the following questions:

  1. What is the SLO?
  2. Which actors are involved in granting the SLO?
  3. What can corporations do to obtain the SLO?
  4. What role, if any, does the law play in obtaining the SLO?
  5. Can voluntary guidelines play any role in obtaining the SLO? Which guidelines? How?
  6. What role, if any, should Canada play in ensuring its corporations only act where they have the SLO?
  7. Is the Office of the CSR counsellor playing any role in ensuring Canadian corporations have the SLO? Should it? Should it have the powers to ensure Canadian corporations only operate when they have the SLO or should its oversight be less formal?
  8. What other mechanisms, if any, should Canada offer to ensure its corporations have the SLO?
  9. What happens when there is no SLO or when the SLO is lost?
  10. Where a corporation has acted without the SLO, what kind of grievance mechanisms are available to potential victims? What mechanisms should be available? Is there a need for universal jurisdiction to ensure that corporations can be held accountable for these failures?

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