Foreign Journalists, 2016 Olympic Games (Casa Pública)

Casa Pública, the cultural centre run by Agência Pública in Rio de Janeiro, is seeking foreign journalists interested in producing reports on the 2016 Olympic Games. This is the first call for Pública Residencies, the programme which will receive journalists from independent outlets to Casa Pública.

This first edition will support international coverage of the impacts caused in Brazil by the World Cup and the Olympic Games. Registration is until May 12 and must be made through the online form.

Four reporters will be chosen, who will be hosted in Casa Pública between July 20 and August 20, for at least 15 days. Apart from the accommodation and facilities of the Casa – where the reporter will get to know local reporters – the winners will receive a grant of R$7,000, support of the team to develop their reports and will have the opportunity to work with Agência Pública. The programme will also offer three meetings with organisations and social movements on the topic of human rights and the Olympic Games.

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The selection will be made in two stages: the first is the filling in of the online form and the second will be a Skype interview with Pública’s co-ordinators. The candidates will be chosen on the basis of their experience, and the story idea they want to investigate. The result will be announced on May 20.

Since 2011, Agência Pública has covered human rights violations and the impacts suffered by the Brazilian population as a result of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. “Our coverage brought many important stories to light, regarding evictions, gentrification, authoritarianism, violence and corruption – but they received little attention. Now we want to help journalists from other countries to tell this sad side of mega events, a reality which we cannot afford to ignore,” said Natalia Viana, one of Pública’s directors.


To register, the journalist must show their previous reporting experience, explain what theme they wish to investigate and how they intend to use the grant. Agência Pública also demands that the reporter has proven links to an independent media outlet, that should be responsible for the reporter’s travel insurance and to publish the material produced during the residency. It is recommended that the resident provides insurance for their equipment.

Agência Pública will not be responsible for the visa, for food or for transport of the reporter once in Rio de Janeiro.

Location: Rio de Janeiro

Closing date: 12 May 2016

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