Human Rights Investigator

Fair Food Standards Council


  • Location: Sarasota, FL
  • Salary: Competitive Within the Nonprofit Sector
  • Rolling application

About the Position: Investigators conduct audits of participating growers’ operations, including detailed interviews of field workers, supervisors, and management. Payroll reviews are conducted, in addition to monitoring the distribution of Fair Food Premium bonus payments to workers. Investigators also receive and investigate complaints from workers through a 24-hour confidential hotline. Working in teams, and together with the Executive Director, Investigators play a key role in drafting audit reports, investigating and resolving complaints, and designing corrective action plans. FFSC is based in Sarasota, FL, with work-related travel throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic. Salary and benefits are competitive within the non-profit sector.


Fluency in Spanish or Haitian Creole;

Strong communication and interviewing skills;

Strong writing and documentation skills, including attention to detail;

Ability to connect facts and discern patterns;

Ability to interact well with people of different nationalities, gender, and education levels;

Comfort working in rural areas, including onsite at farms (outdoors);

Willingness to work irregular hours and “do what is necessary”;

Ability to work well as part of a team, as well as independently;

Discipline and initiative; and

Valid drivers’ license.