Innovation Fellow

Corporate Accountability Lab


  • Location: Chicago
  • Salary: Stipend, $2,500/mo.
  • Rolling application

CAL’s Innovation Fellowship program is a four-month experience that allows lawyers to research and develop their own strategies for human rights and environmental accountability in global supply chains in a supportive and risk-tolerant environment. In this year’s program, one fellow will be housed in CAL’s Legal Design Lab in Chicago. The fellow will receive a stipend of $2,500 per month ($10,000 total).

The fellow will propose a project, which we will assess through a three-step process: (1) candidates will submit applications explaining their idea and qualifications; (2) a group of finalists will be contacted for interviews; and (3) as necessary, CAL staff will present finalist ideas to relevant advisors, pro bono partners, and other colleagues to assist in final determinations.

CAL will create an innovation-friendly environment for the fellow, including through (1) creativity-generating activities; (2) providing the fellow with opportunities for leadership within the office; (3) providing the fellow with access to outside experts, trainings, online research subscriptions and libraries, and professional development; and (4) giving the fellow opportunities to promote their research, including through blogs, conferences, and webinars.

Graduates of the Fellowship will be part of a growing network of innovators, and will have opportunities to collaborate with CAL and others through our Brain Trust network of pro bono attorneys.

Ideal projects will relate to CAL’s core work: identifying novel legal strategies for corporate accountability in global supply chains. These could include a repurposing of existing commercial law, a novel use of a particular forum or administrative agency, methods for engagement of affected individuals and communities in legal strategy development or practice, etc. Projects should describe how the proposed activities could lead to positive impact for those harmed by corporate abuse, or to deterring such abuses from occurring. Purely academic research will not be considered.

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