Law, Justice and Development Week 2016: Law, Climate Change and Development

5-9 December | Washington, DC

The Law, Justice and Development Week 2016 will convene a broad community of development professionals who use law and justice tools to battle poverty and boost shared prosperity. The theme for this year’s event is “Law, Climate Change and Development”.

On Earth Day this year, more than 175 countries signed the Paris Agreement, setting an all-time record for the number of countries signing international agreement on a single day. The Paris Agreement sets out a global action plan to avoid dangerous climate change by limiting global warming to below 2°C. Now, the world’s attention is shifting from negotiation to implementation. Implementing the Paris Agreement will require new laws, new regulations, and unprecedented levels of international legal cooperation.

In November, the UN Framework Conference on Climate Change will meet again, this time in Marrakech, to flesh out the decisions taken in Paris. And in December, LJD Week 2016 will bring the world’s development lawyers together to begin realizing the commitments of the Paris Agreement. This conference will be a key milestone in developing the legal and regulatory framework to accelerate our global transition to low carbon economies.

LJD Week 2016 will mark an historic opportunity to focus on the processes that will be needed to capture the Paris commitments in laws which set national targets and make them binding and enforceable; laws that permit countries to achieve greater energy efficiency; and laws that require far reaching changes in national energy systems, and in agricultural and manufacturing practices.