Legal Director

Clooney Foundation for Justice


  • Location: New York
  • Rolling application

CFJ advocates for justice through accountability for human rights abuses around the world and the incumbent will join the organization at an exciting time of growth, with responsibilities to help conceptualize and operationalize The Docket and provide strategic direction for scaling TrialWatch globally.

The Docket, a new initiative under development at CFJ, aims to ensure that individuals and corporations that are complicit in international crimes face justice. The Docket will work with multi-disciplinary teams that gather and analyze evidence that can trigger prosecutions and civil actions against those who finance and facilitate mass human rights violations. The Docket will also ensure legal representation for victims in cases against those who bankroll war crimes, gross violations of international human rights, and related atrocities.

TrialWatch is the first comprehensive global program that monitors and advocates for justice in criminal trials around the world, including trials involving journalists, LGBTQ persons, women and girls, religious minorities, and human rights defenders. Monitors are trained using a program developed with the United Nations and record their observations using customized technology developed with Microsoft. Then, for each trial monitored, CFJ works with an eminent legal expert to grade the fairness of the trial against human rights standards, and, where appropriate, advocate to vindicate the rights of victims in regional or international human rights courts. Ultimately, the data that is gathered will populate a global justice index that will provide an annual ranking of each state’s performance.


  • Work with CFJ’s co-President Amal Clooney, and senior management within the Foundation
  • Oversee the operation and global scaling of CFJ’s TrialWatch, including supervision of the TrialWatch legal team, developing and overseeing our relationships with key partners including law school clinics, law firms, Bar associations, the United Nations and our founding technology partner Microsoft.
  • Refine conceptualization and develop The Docket program, recruit a team to run it, and oversee implementation of our pilot initiatives which include examining corporate complicity in crimes including genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes
  • Manage the organization’s litigation strategies, including any direct representation of clients undertaken in connection with TrialWatch or The Docket
  • Oversee the organization’s overall legal operations, including working with the Managing Director to ensure compliance with all relevant laws, advising on legal issues that arise through the Foundation’s operations, and managing relationships with external counsel when needed.
  • Represent the Foundation and its work to governments, media, the global legal and human rights communities, academics, and other stakeholders, including engaging in advocacy on particular cases arising under either TrialWatch or the Docket as determined by senior management and CFJ’s co-Presidents.
  • Other duties as assigned by CFJ’s Co-Presidents or CFJ’s Managing Director.

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