Mexico: Ixtepec wind project impacts communities in Oaxaca


 Country: Mexico

Project name: Ixtepec wind project


Capacity: 100 MW

Companies involved: Yansa Group

Positive Steps:

In contrast to other wind farms in Oaxaca, Mexico, this is a community-owned indigenous wind power project. The community of Ixtepec reached out to Yansa in order to build a wind farm in the area. Yansa proposed a site where agricultural impact would be minimal, and conducted an environmental impact assessment. Yansa seeks to directly involve communities in the construction and operation of the wind farms, therefore giving them control of the renewable energy sources. The energy will be sold to the national grid at a guaranteed fixed price, therefore giving the community members an income and an opportunity for economic and social growth. 50% of the earnings will go to community members to compensate land owners and pay for community programs.