Operations & Management Director

EarthRights International


  • Location: Washington, DC
  • Contract Type: Permanent, full-time
  • Rolling application

The Management and Operations Director is an ERI senior staff member who has primary responsibility for developing and implementing systems of organizational management and operations, and assisting the Co-Founding Directors and the Regional Directors (the Global Program Committee) in the planning, implementation and evaluation of annual and strategic plans.  In conjunction with the Global Program Committee, s/he leads a high-output  team with diverse expertise and objectives to set and accomplish short- and long-term program and organizational goals and ensures that the systems, structures and staffing resources are in place to fulfill them.  This position is primarily an internally focused position which allows the Global Program Directors to focus on strategic and substantive priorities, fundraising, and external relations.  This position may also undertake fundraising and public speaking responsibilities and be delegated authority to substitute for the organization’s leaders on occasion. 

Primary Responsibilities


  • Provide oversight and direction for Operations (Human Resources, Operations, Office Management and IT); work with departmental directors and managers to set priorities and ensure performance goals are met;
  • Oversee the development and implementation of staff and management support programs and activities;
  • Participate in recruitment and interviews for open staff and consulting positions.

Strategic Direction

  • Work with the Program Directors to facilitate and conceptualize annual planning, monitoring and evaluation programs and activities with responsibility for helping staff translate ERI’s 5 year strategic plan into short- and long-range goals and outcomes; engage staff in regular planning and evaluation practices, as well as  processes to turn the strategic plan and annual program plans into ambitious but realistic work plans;
  • Responsible for the regular and systematic management and evaluation of the strategic plan; work with finance director and development staff to ensure that budgets are adequate to achieve strategic and annual program plans;
  • Ensure systems of organizational structure, staffing, decision-making processes and governance are in place to enable the realization of annual goals and strategic plan;
  • Develop and oversee systems and structures for organizational integration, staff team building and communication across four offices and a diverse staff with various language abilities and areas of substantive expertise.

Staff and Organization Management

  • In conjunction with the Program Directors, support all staff and oversee consultants;
  • Serve as supervisor of, mentor, coach, and guide to a team of senior managers and directors;
  • Help develop systems and structures that foster a participatory, mission-driven and high-impact culture and a positive, productive work environment within ERI;
  • Ensure a highly functioning system of coordination and collaboration between program and operations within the organization;
  • Monitor and evaluate progress of the organization’s mission and goals, and report results to the Global Program Committee including the development of formal and informal evaluation metrics

Board and External Relations

  • Assist the ED in planning and running two Board meetings a year, coordinating Board committees, and working with the Board of Directors to maximize their potential in supporting the organization’s goals;
  • Develop, activate, and motivate the Leadership Council to maximize their potential to support the organization’s goals and mission;
  • Liaise with appropriate public, private, and non-profit sector partners to assess and develop opportunities for effective partnerships;
  • Serve in lieu of Program Directors as requested as a public face and spokesperson for the organization among the media, communications, and philanthropic communities to raise the organization’s profile, solicit relevant support, and maintain relationships.


  • Work closely with the ED and Development team to raise funds for ERI through participation in planning and implementing fundraising strategies, representing ERI at events and conferences, and engaging in donor meetings.

Position Requirements

The ideal candidate will have the following professional skills, experience, and characteristics:

  • Education:  Bachelor’s Degree and/or Master’s Degree in a related field
  • Work Experience:  Minimum of 5 – 7 years of relevant professional experience (strategic planning, organizational management, staff development and supervision, organizing, marketing, fundraising, operations); at least 3-5 years experience in the nonprofit sector.
  • Organizational and Interpersonal:  Demonstrated relationship-building and problem solving skills; good interpersonal skills, flexibility, and sense of humor; excellent organizational skills, meticulous attention to detail and precision in all work.
  • Communications and Planning:  Excellent writing, communications, interpersonal, analytical, organizational and planning skills
  • Public Speaking and Press:  Experience and talent in delivering public presentations
  • Spanish language proficiency preferred, but not required

Professional Requirements

The ideal candidate will preferably have the following skills, experience, and characteristics:

  • Systems Orientation:  The Operations and Managing Director should be someone who enjoys developing systems to organize creative and fast-moving organizations and programs, and encouraging innovation and best practices.
  • Manager:  The O&M Director must have exceptional people skills and an inclusive managerial style that supports and nourishes professional development and new leadership.
  • Experience in Virtual Work Environments:  The O&M Director should have experience managing virtual teams in disparate geographic locations and time zones.
  • Visionary: The O&M Director must be able to help shape a big vision, translate it into practical actions and initiatives, and implement it.
  • Strategist:  The O&M Director must be able to develop and implement comprehensive, programmatic, and institution-building strategies to support ERI’s growth.
  • Communicator: The O&M Director must have strong interpersonal and communication skills, both internally and externally.