Projects Coordinator, Militarisation & Violence against Women at WoMin

Recruiting organisation:  WoMin African Gender and Extractives Alliance
Position title: 
WoMin Projects Coordinator - Militarisation and Violence against Women/ Consent and Just Development Alternatives
Location of post: 
Johannesburg, South Africa (strongly preferred) or Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Uganda, the DRC, Mozambique, Burkina Faso or Ghana
Duration of contract:  Two year contract with strong possibility for extension based on funds mobilised and performance
Deadline for applications:  Friday, 29 April 2016

Organisational profile:
WoMin is an emerging women-led, women’s rights African alliance working alongside national and regional movements, popular organisations of women and mining-affected communities, and solidarity organisations. We work to expose the impacts of extractivism on peasant and working class women, to counter these destructive trends, and to support organising and movement-building by affected women. Most importantly, we advance an eco-feminist, post-extractivist, women-centred alternative in all of our work.

Purpose of Role  
To work with WoMin’s allies to build powerful exploratory eighteen month to two-year projects on the mentioned themes. This experience will inform longer-term scaled-up work in partnership with national, regional and international allies.
Note: This role is experimental and will require a high level of creativity and dynamism in the incumbent we recruit. The position will be implemented alongside research consultants and a full-time intern, and with the support of other WoMin staff with the necessary expertise. Most of the work will be implemented by national allies and so the role is very much one of coordination and support.
Key Responsibility Areas:
No. Key Responsibility Area Accountable to
1 Further conceptualisation and development ofWoMin’s Consent and Just Development Alternatives project in conjunction with WoMin’s allies. The tasks here include:
  • Building and convening a regional roundtable of researchers and activists on Women’s Rights and Consent in respect of extractives and mega infrastructure projects, involving allies from Latin America and Asia
  • Commissioning and managing the development of at least two conceptual papers on key themes related to Women’s consent and democratised development decision-making
  • Work with allies to design, implement, document and evaluate work with collectives of women for an alternative practice of women-centred grassroots led development decision-making in at least two countries over two years
  • Manage and support the design, implementation, analysis and write up of research with two partner organisations on the experience of extraction-affected women in two sites where FPIC or other community participation processes have taken place
  • Conceptualise and implement, with a broad alliance of organisations and movements in one country, an eighteen month exploratory project advancing an alternative national development plan which supports elements of WoMin’s eco-feminist post-extractivist vision.
WoMin Director
Regional working group
National lead organisations on specific research and exploratory projects
2 Detailed design and implementation of a WoMin project addressing extractives, militarisation and violence (against women specifically) with in-depth pilot work in two countries. The work here, at the minimum, entails:
  • Building a regional implementation team, and facilitating intra-alliance decision-making, with the support of the Director, for pilot country and lead national organisation selection
  • Contributing to the building/ strengthening of national networks of CSOs, including women’s rights and legal organisations, with the commitment and capacity required to monitor and work on repression and violence, most specifically from a women’s rights perspective in the pilot countries
  • Coordinating and supporting regional and national (pilot country) analysis on (a) trends in terms of repression,  safeguards and options for response (b) in-depth case studies on specific examples of repression (with a  gendered perspective), and (c) the building of a regional synthesis analysis
  • Giving leadership/support to regional strategizing, solidarity work and advocacy/campaigning on the wider question of extractives and repression.
WoMin Director
Regional working group
National lead organisations in two pilot countries
3 General projects support which includes:
  • Recruiting in and managing consultants/researchers for the two projects
  • Working with the WoMin Director to recruit in an intern
  • Managing project budgets
  • Fundraising and donor liaison, in close consultation with the WoMin Director
  • Coordinating training and popular education processes for the two project areas in partnership with the WoMin Director, other WoMin staff and key alliance partners.
WoMin Director
Peer accountability: Programme staff and consultants
4 Contribute to the organisation’s internal processes and projects as required by the long-term strategy, plans and management needs. This work would include:
  • Providing input to WoMin’s strategy, annual and project plans, and support the alliance read and respond to opportunities at the regional and international level as appropriate
  • Represent WoMin to national, regional and global platforms as mandated by WoMin’s Director and regional leadership
  • Undertake organisational tasks as negotiated with the WoMin Director.
WoMin Director
Peer accountability: Programme staff and consultants

Skills and Qualifications:
A woman activist with

  • A minimum of five years’ experience in one of the following content areas: extractives, violence against women, human rights, militarisation/repression/peace work
  • At least three to five years’ experience in programmes/projects development, management and coordination
  • A proven history of conceptualising, overseeing and managing research projects
  • The proven ability to write reports, concept notes and proposals, and analytical pieces
  • Experience in participatory meeting and training methodologies
  • A minimum two to three-year track record of fundraising and donor management
  • Proven experience working in and navigating the dynamics and politics of complex networks, movements and/or alliances
  • A history of concrete support to organising and movement-building
  • A record of tangible work to advance women’s rights and
  • The ability to work in a team, meet deadlines, problem-solve with others, and work with full accountability to peers, alliance members and the WoMin Director.


  • Experience working sub-regionally/regionally
  • Fluency in written and spoken French and/or Portuguese.

We are very committed to recruiting a black African woman with origins in Southern, East or West Africa, and would prioritise this as a criteria in our recruitment process.

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa (strongly preferred) or Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Uganda, the DRC, Mozambique, Burkina Faso or Ghana

Closing date: 29 April 2016

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