Questionnaire: English

Responsible Renewable Energy: 10 Questions on Human Rights

Name of company: _____________

Projects registered under UN Clean Development Mechanism (if any): _____________________

Human rights policy commitment
Examples & guidance

1.     Does your company have a publicly available commitment to respect human rights? If so, please provide a link.

Human rights due diligence
Examples & guidance

2.     Does your company identify its salient human rights issues and does it have a due diligence process to manage them?  If so, please list the issues and describe the due diligence process (key steps include: impact assessment, integrating & acting on findings, tracking responses & communicating how impacts are addressed).

Community engagement & consultation
Examples & guidance

3.     What criteria does your company use to identify communities that may be affected by renewable energy projects it is involved in? 

4.     How does your company consult with affected communities (on impact assessments, resettlement, benefit sharing plans, etc.)?  Please describe what form consultations take and when they are carried out in a project’s cycle.

5.     Does your company ensure its consultations include the perspectives and respect the rights of all affected community members (including those who may be marginalised for reasons of race, ethnic origin, gender, social status, age, religion, wealth or income or other considerations)? How is this ensured?

Free, prior and informed consent
Examples & guidance

6.     Under what circumstances does your company commit to seeking an affected community’s free, prior & informed consent to a project?  Please provide examples of projects where free, prior & informed consent was sought (if applicable).

7.     What is your company’s process for obtaining and evaluating free, prior & informed consent?

8.     Has your company faced any challenges in its process to seek free, prior & informed consent for renewable energy projects? If so, please describe what steps your company has taken to overcome these challenges.

Examples & guidance

9.     What steps does your company take to ensure that its own personnel, private security companies it contracts with, and/or government forces providing security to its projects, respect the rights of workers and community members, including those who may oppose its projects?

Examples & guidance

10.  Does your company have a grievance mechanism in place at each project site for affected communities and workers to raise concerns about local impacts, including human rights abuses?  If so, were affected communities involved in the design of the grievance mechanism, including its set-up and the types of remedies it provides?

Other information
Please provide any further information regarding your company’s policies and practices on human rights that you think is relevant.