Research Consultants, Access to Remedy

African Coalition for Corporate Accountability


  • Location: Remotely
  • Contract Type: 5 months
  • Closing Date: 21/10/2016

The African Coalition for Corporate Accountability (ACCA) is seeking submissions from research  consultants to support the ACCA Working Group on Access to Remedy in developing a discussion  document on access to remedy. More information on the research project may be found in the Access  to Remedy Terms of Reference.    


The African Coalition for Corporate Accountability (ACCA) is a coalition of 114 organisations from 31  African countries whose purpose is to support communities and individuals whose rights have been  adversely affected by the activities of corporations and businesses.    

During the 3rd ACCA General Assembly, two ACCA Working Groups centred on Free, Prior and Informed  Consent (FPIC) and Access to Remedy were formed. The Working Groups are headed by the two coChairpersons of the ACCA Steering Committee, and comprised of ACCA members and/ or organisations  who take a keen work interest in the ACCA, and professionals who are either working in the respective  fields or who take a keen interest in the fields.    

The purpose of the research consultant is to gather information on access to remedy, and consult with  members of the Working Group to produce a discussion document on access to remedy to be  presented during the next ACCA General Assembly.      


5 months    


The research consultant will work remotely.    


Work on the research will commence in October 2016. More detail on the research project is provided  in the Access to Remedy Terms of Reference.    


The research consultant will report back on progress to the co‐Chairperson of the ACCA Working  Group on Access to Remedy, and ACCA Secretariat.    


The research consultant will need to work together with the ACCA Working Group to reach the  deadlines as outlined in the Terms of Reference.  


The consultant should be able to demonstrate the following:  

 Advanced degree in human rights, law, social sciences or any related field;  

 At least five years of progressive work in business and human rights work, particularly in the  areas of natural resources governance;  

 At least 5 years relevant working experience in Africa;  

 Capacity to work within a collaborative framework with other organizations, government  officials, staff and civil society groups within a multidisciplinary and multicultural setting;  

 Ability to establish priorities and to develop, coordinate and monitor work plans;  

 Capacity to work in hostile environments and to relate to individuals and communities who are  exposed to rights abuses;

 Fluency in both English and French.    


Remuneration will be determined based on the qualifications and work experience of the successful  applicant, as well as location.    


Please  send  cover  letter,  resume,  and  contact  details  of  two  referees  to  Damian  Oakes,  [email protected] and Michel Yoboue, [email protected] by no later than 7 October 2016 at 17:00 GMT.  

Role description [PDF]