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Responding department: Group Corporate Responsibility

Does your company have a publicly available commitment to respect human rights?


With the update of the Code of Conduct this year, RWE integrated a preamble of behavioral standards into the Code of Conduct, which emphasizes the respect of human rights and adherence to labour standards.

How are human rights governed in your company?

The adherence to the Code of Conduct is mandatory for all employess of RWE. Each executive manager with human resources responsibility has to report on the implementation of the Code of Conduct in her or his area of responsibility on an annual basis. 

How are human rights managed within your company?

Labour conditions:

The RWE Social Charter, which has been signed by the board and the European worker's council, addresses relevant issues. 

In the supply chain:

The purchasing of goods, services and plant components for operations, maintenance and construction of our facilities is governed by our common RWE framework. Direct business relations to suppliers and service providers allow us to make our Code of Conduct a part of each contract. Through this, we communicate clear expectations to our suppliers and service providers. On the basis of classification and evaluation results, we define goals together with our supplier.

How are human rights commitments and information about how the company addresses its human rights impacts communicated, internally and externally?

We are continuously reporting in our Corporate Responsibility report.