Senior Consultancy: Technical Support to develop a Guidance Tool on Preventing Child Labour and Protecting Children’s Rights in



  • Location: Home based with some travel
  • Salary: N/A
  • Contract Type: Consultancy
  • Closing Date: 21/02/2017

To support the engagement with the private sector on addressing the protection of children’s rights in deeper value chain tiers – including where the informal economy feeds into formal supply chains – UNICEF is looking for an international consultant to develop a technical guidance tool aimed at equipping companies – at various levels along the value chain – with practical options to prevent child labour and protect children’s rights in deep tiers of the supply chain. The tool will address the scope of responsibility of companies for children’s rights in deep supply chain tiers, from a legal, political and CSR perspective, and include case studies from a variety of key industries and key value chains. The tool will help UNICEF and companies along the supply chain to implement targeted activities to address child rights concerns in their supply chains.