South Asia Researcher and Representative

Business and Human Rights Resource Centre


  • Location: South Asia, preferably in any of the following countries: India, Nepal, or Sri Lanka (must already have work authorisation)
  • Salary: In range of USD 1,800 – 2,200 per month for 17.5 hours per week; amount determined by country in which appointed candidate is based
  • Contract Type: Consultancy
  • Closing Date: 31/08/2019
  • Interview dates: between 16 and 19 September 2019 (candidates should be available for an in-person interview during these dates in case they are short-listed for interview)

The position:

The Researcher will work closely with organisations in South Asia to advance human rights in business and work towards eradicating abuse, with a particular emphasis on issues related to labour rights, natural resource extraction, and civic freedoms and human rights defenders when such issues touch on business activities.

Our organisation’s plans for South Asia in 2019 are focused on, among other engagements: bringing transparency to the conduct of business in the sub-region; building and expanding effective networks and interaction among groups that are interested in confronting the human rights impacts of business; empowering local communities, NGOs, and human rights defenders (including labour leaders) to engage with companies to improve human rights protections; promoting improved labour conditions and living wages in the manufacturing and agricultural sectors; protecting rights linked to the environment; and identifying and addressing risks to the most vulnerable groups, including women and children.

The work will be aligned with the Resource Centre’s organisational aims of empowerment, accountability and transparency:

  • Empower others to act: Work with organisations (civil society and other sectors) in the sub-region to ensure that their priorities and concerns are heard by relevant actors at regional and international levels, and to share insights and expertise on human rights approaches to business.
  • Promote accountability: Invite companies operating in South Asia to respond publicly to specific concerns of alleged abuse and exploitation, and/or questions about their approach to human rights due diligence; also engage strategically with representatives of government and international financial institutions, and international agencies.
  • Build transparency: Collect and publicise via the Resource Centre’s website information in English and local languages from a wide range of sources about the human rights impacts of companies operating in South Asia.

The Researcher will also play an important role in helping the Resource Centre achieve organisational priorities in areas including deeper regionalisation of its work and approach, smart strategies regarding government and business, and enhanced communications efforts.

How to apply:

Please follow this link, and fill and submit the application form on the website by 15 August 2019. There is no need to submit a CV.

For more information about the position please follow Link to Job.