Summary of workshop on a treaty on business & human rights (Madrid, 29 Jun)

Author: Autónoma de Madrid University & Graduate School of Government and European Studies, Published on: 28 July 2015

On 26 June 2015, the Autónoma de Madrid University, Spain, and Graduate School of Government and European Studies, Brdo pri Kranju, Slovenia, hosted a Workshop devoted to the discussion of whether and how a treaty on business and human rights could be adopted…Chiara Macchi underscored that the processes of adopting a treaty on business and human rights and nonbinding standards…are not incompatible…[A] treaty could serve to solve issues as those related to extraterritorial jurisdiction or allocation of liability within corporate groups…Nicolás Carrillo-Santarelli responded to fears of making corporations addressees of international human rights law by arguing that…[it makes] the addressee…aware of legal expectations, which can in turn lead to changes in conduct and attitudes…Surya Deva…considered it important to rebalance and fix asymmetries...regarding territorial human rights aspects, since business operations are not territorial. For this reason...extraterritorial obligations are important…Adriana Espinosa González argued that procedural rights of communities affected by corporate activities should be included and protected as an essential element of any draft treaty…

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