Vice President, Office of the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO)

International Finance Corporation and The Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (IFC/MIGA)


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  • Salary: -
  • Contract Type: Permanent
  • Closing Date: 30/06/2020

The Office of the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman (CAO) is the independent recourse and accountability mechanism of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) for social and environmental concerns raised by people and communities affected by projects supported by IFC or MIGA. The CAO is organized as a Vice Presidency Unit (VPU), independent from the IFC’s and MIGA’s line of management of operations, headed by the Vice President, CAO (the CAO VP), who reports directly to the President of the World Bank Group. The CAO VP acts as an independent advisor to the President on matters of environmental and social impacts raised by communities to the CAO. The mandate of the CAO is to address complaints by people affected by IFC/MIGA supported projects in a manner that is fair, objective and constructive, and to enhance the social and environmental outcomes of projects in which those institutions play a role.

The CAO VP includes the following activities:

  • To assist in dealing with complaints from external parties affected by IFC or MIGA projects. Outside complaints received by the Office of the President, IFC, MIGA, or the CAO would follow the CAO process currently described under the CAO Guidelines, as appropriate, in consultation with affected parties, project sponsors, and IFC's and/or MIGA's management. The CAO process includes (1) the possibility for the complainants to elect the Dispute Resolution function aimed primarily at identifying problems, correcting project failures, seeking to resolve issues, and achieving better results on the ground; and (2) the CAO Compliance role to supervise investigations of IFC's and MIGA's actions in order to ensure ex-post compliance with policies, guidelines, and procedures. Audits /Investigations would be carried out with assistance of outside experts, either on a case-by-case basis or in accordance with a regular program.
  • In the course of his/her reviews, the CAO VP may directly communicate with complainants and affected parties, while respecting the confidentiality of sensitive business information. The CAO VP will report to the President. The CAO VP also makes recommendations to the President regarding the form and extent of the findings to be disclosed to the IFC or MIGA Board of Directors, affected parties and the public.
  • To provide advice to the President and to senior management of IFC/MIGA on environmental and social policies, procedures, guidelines, procedures, strategic issues, trends, and systemic issues based on the experience gained through case work, with the goal of fostering systemic improvements in IFC/MIGA.
  • To consult regularly with relevant departments across the World Bank Group on environmental and social policies and practices with a view towards consistency of principles and approaches.